ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy (Trauma Therapy)

ART - Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an approach developed by Laney Rosenzweig for short-term recovery from trauma, fears, and phobias. ART is being used to reduce the intensity of trauma (PTSD), victimization/sexual abuse, sports or work releated performance anxiety, and various other fears and phobias.  This revolutionary new therapy enables a person to replace traumatic memories with voluntary image replacement.  Mr. Weisemann is a certified ART provider personally trained by Laney Rosenzweig.

Your ART session begins with a free phone consultation followed by one or two ART sessions that tend to last about an hour.  ART does not involve hypnosis, but most individuals report feeling relaxed and in a relieved state of mind following an ART session.

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For Questions about ART or to schedule your ART session please call Mr. Weisemann at 813.669.1774.

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